Certified Laminate Flooring Inspectors are available to help when  problems arise with a laminate floor. Flooring manufacturers, retailers and distributors, insurance adjusters, home builders, or anyone experiencing a flooring problem.

If you’re involved in a dispute with a retailer, installer, or manufacturer; a professional evaluation of the flooring is often required to determine the cause of the complaint and the responsible party (s). Certified Laminate Flooring Inspectors can be found on this website.


Is your Laminate Floor?

Bouncing Gouges-Cuts Soiling – discoloration
Buckling Fade – Color Changes Splitting- Splits
Chipping-Chips Foot Prints – Smudges Squeaking- Noises
Crackling-Noise Gaps- Gapping Stains
Crowning Latent Defects Tenting
Cupping Peaked – Lifting Seams Wash boarding-Rippling
Dents-Dings Scratches Water-Moisture Damage