Bona®MicroFiber Dusting Pad - 12 Pack

Bona®MicroFiber Dusting Pad - 12 Pack Rating:
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Product Description

This Bona Microfiber Dusting Pad is designed for dry dusting on hardwood, stone, tile & laminate floors. Its electrostatic action attracts and lifts dust, pet hair, micro-particles and common household allergens from your floors' surface. The combination of special microfibers engineered into this pad creates the unique static charge which causes dust and debris to be attracted to the pads fibers. And since the pad is reusable and washable up to 300 times, it is more economical than disposable dry dusting pads. The microscopic fibers in this pad are safe for all floor surfaces - they will not scratch!


  • Use With Bona 4"x15" Mop
  • Safe For Use dry on hardwood and hard surface floors, will not scratch
  • Electrostatic Action Attracts Dust, Pet Hair, and Microfiber Particles
  • Wash and Reuse, Washable up to 300 Times!
  • Featuring the Original Starfiber Microfiber

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