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 Is it bullet proof or indestructible as the marketing and advertizing suggest?  They are a tuff & durable product if the environment and installation procedures are followed.  Laminates have several critical issues that need to be addressed and if properly done they do last and… Continue reading

Dressage markers made from…

…laminate flooring and insulation tape!!….

haha but any old wood will do the job!! Your local scrap yard may have some you could use!

Dad was going to throw away the laminate flooring we had left over, but I stopped him and made these…..

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We recently had our floors re-done in laminate flooring.. There were several left-over planks of various sizes… Here is what I’ve been doing with them.. They have been well received by family and friends. This is an easy and fun project, a great way to recycle and makes a wonderful… Continue reading

As it’s been said on this blog many times, and can’t be said enough, is that laminate flooring has evolved since it was first invented. There have been many features that make laminate a practical choice in a flooring surface. For versatility and ease of installation alone, it’s been a… Continue reading

There’s a new kid on the block and everyone else is taking notice. This new type of flooring combines all of the advantages of hardwood floors and laminate floors to give today’s flooring consumer all that he/she could ever ask for in a green floor.

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hope I don’t run out of ideas to discuss while trying to stay on topic. Yea, I do need a real life, but for the time being this is fine and dandy as Andy Griffith would often tell Aunt Bee. I started installing laminate floors back in ’96. Then it… Continue reading

Installing a laminate radiant floor heating system can add indescribable comfort to any home. Radiant heat can be added under a laminate floor with two different systems. For a smaller area, the easier choice is electric radiant floor heat. If you are planning on radiant heat for your entire home,… Continue reading

I didn’t like the way the baseboards looked against the cabinets in the kitchen and bath, so I used the scrap laminate instead, nailing and sealing it flush with the floor. We used clear caulk to seal against the floor.

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Improvement of habitats by the storm. Laminate is one of the fastest growing areas in the renovation sector. These glueless, floating creations are the best low-maintenance design idea or the interior toted decades. Why laminate flooring is so popular and how it can be integrated in your home?

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Decorating with laminate is not as hard as many think. Many people argue that laminate floor designs are hard to do because laminate floors lack the texture that hardwood floors are known to have. Of course, though it is true that laminate floors do lack the texture that hardwood floors… Continue reading