Decorating with laminate is not as hard as many think. Many people argue that laminate floor designs are hard to do because laminate floors lack the texture that hardwood floors are known to have. Of course, though it is true that laminate floors do lack the texture that hardwood floors possess, this doesn’t mean that you cannot fully decorate with laminate floors.

Laminate floor designs are basically all about the color. Because of the primary nature of laminate floors, there are many types of colors that are available. In fact, there are some colors that not even hardwood floors can achieve.

Take note that if you are to decorate with laminate floors, you must think of your laminate floors as canvasses to paintings. Laminate floors will serve as a room’s backdrop while your furniture and furnishings will create the design. As such, you will need to decide on a proper laminate floor color. Generally, people like to contrast their floors with their furniture color. In this sense, you may want to pick light colored laminate floors if you own dark colored furniture, while dark colored laminate floors may be a good choice if you own light colored furniture.

Using a contrasting color of laminate tiles as borders may also be a good idea. Using laminate tiles as borders will add some depth or elements to your room. For example, if you plan to decorate with laminate floors on special rooms (such as trophy rooms), you can use borders to concentrate a visitor’s attention to a particular spot. Borders also have the tendency to make small rooms look smaller and large rooms look larger.

Since you need to put a little space between laminate flooring and the wall to give some allowance for the floor’s tendency to expand and contract, you will also need baseboards along the wall to hide that extra space. Because of this, you must also decide on a baseboard color that will give a great transition from the floor to the wall. Generally, people prefer to put a shade that easily blends with both the floor’s color and the wall’s color.

If you’re undecided on what colors you may want to put in your home, the best place to look for any ideas would probably be your own wardrobe. Take a look at the colors of your favorite clothes and you will have a general picture on what types of colors you love, or what shade and intensity you particularly like.

There are also some other things you can do to make your room stand out. For example, instead of installing the planks on a typical horizontal or vertical style, you may try to install them diagonally. Of course, diagonal laminate floors will generally be more expensive and time-consuming, but the effects are excellent.

All in all, the best way to get the most out of your laminate floor is to take advantage of the versatility of laminate floors. There are many available colors to choose from. If there is a particular color you like in a brochure that you have seen, it is advisable that you ask an actual sample to make sure that you will get the color that you truly want. There are many manufacturers who specialize in particular colors, so take your time and browse through all of them. Use your imagination to create that perfect laminate floor design that you will be proud of!

via Decorate with Laminate Floors – Flooring Design Ideas.