Laminate Flooring Care – Dos

Regularly sweep, dust and mop your laminate floors.

Wipe up all spills right after they happen.

Remove surface stains with a cleaner approved by the manufacturer.

Tough stains can be removed with a clean cloth and acetone (nail polish remover).

After mopping, sop up excess water with a clean dry cloth.

Add floor protectors to the bottom of heavy furniture and under chair and table legs.

Place rugs and areas mats in spaces that receive the most foot traffic.

Use color-coordinated pencils recommended by the manufacturer to fill in scratch marks.

Use an ice scraper to remove things like wax and gum.

Use a floor cleaning kit made specifically for your floor’s finish.

Laminate Flooring Care – Don’ts

Never lacquer, polish or wax laminate flooring.

Never drag furniture across the surface, lift it up and move it.

Don’t use abrasive (harsh) cleaners, soap-based detergents or steel wool when cleaning.

Don’t attempt to sand or refinish laminate flooring.

Don’t use a vacuum with a beater bar.

*A beater bar is hard bar located on the revolving brush roll which helps push the roll away from the ground in a quick “beating” motion.

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