Easy Care Floor Maintenance Tips
Follow these easy floor maintenance tips, and spend years enjoying your TORLYS floor and its original shine:
  • Dust-mop (with a non-treated, clean mop) or vacuum floors regularly to remove loose soil and fine dust particles that can scratch finished floors.
  • Wipe up spills on floors immediately with cloth or sponge. Clean as required with TORLYS Natural Glow® Floor Cleaner.
  • Use only TORLYS recommended floor maintenance products on your TORLYS floor.
  • Never use wet mops, highly acidic or alkaline cleaners, non-recommended commercial floor cleaners or polishes, treated mops that have been used to clean other floors or furniture.
  • Place felt floor-protector pads on furniture feet and protect your floor from hard castors on moveable furniture.
Easy TORLYS® Floor Maintenance Tips
  • High heels and pet nails can cause permanent indentation in floor surfaces. Use caution when wearing high heels, and keep pets’ nails trimmed.
  • 70% to 80% of dirt on the floors in your home is tracked in from the outside. One square yard of matting can capture one pound of soil. Use entry-way (non-skid, cotton) mats to capture tracked-in dirt and soil, and clean them regularly. Rubber or fibre-backed mats may stain or scratch floor finish.
  • To help minimize expansion and contraction of your TORLYS floor, use a humidifier or dehumidifier to maintain an even level of humidity. The recommended humidity range for all TORLYS floors is 30% to 60%.